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With Kiwi Surf, you’ll learn about safety in the water, board design and how the board works in the water. You’ll develop board control and how to negotiate waves, while fine-tuning your wave selection, standing and balance. Our surf tours run every day on the low tide, depending on weather and wave conditions. Free phone for your Kiwi Surf booking today!


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Experience the Kaikoura surfing culture from the doorstep of the wave rich Mangamaunu coastline. Only 15 km’s north of Kaikoura township.


Just offshore lays a 2km trench, where two strong currents meet. This causes a great upwelling of animal & plant nutrients to the surface. This is the catalyst for the vast population of sea life in Kaikoura.

Dusky Dolphins are residents in the Kaikoura Common, Hectors are also seen along with Bottlenose & Orca. You’ll also find an abundance of seals along the coast & seabirds are plentiful too.

Sperm Whales have made Kaikoura their home all year round, while the Humpbacks & Blue Whales are seasonal visitors. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the Minke Beaked Whale & Southern Right Whales, as they only visit occasionally.

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